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2007-03-21 14:24:01

Yang Yang


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Time can bring everything away,
NO reget for the youth which is leaving,
but who can shadow the beauty from time,
my lover forever.

It’s who that suddenly meet the old memory yesterday,
which go with the wind,
can it come back again.

In cold nigh who walks alone,
where is the home to which I truly belong.
In the darkness whose dance is so strong,
while the streetlamp in sill on.

may god bring the two inter-attract heart together,
and we meet in the restless world.
I bless, I wish and perish the chance and love left to me by the god.

Can ladyboy have true love, I ask myself time and time again.
In fact I’m more tender and considerate than real female.
I’m slender and sexy and my skin is smooth.
Everyone who knows me is always saying,
you are all youth, all beauty than the female I know,
why you become a shemale or transex.
But I want to be a ladyboy just as what I am now
and this is my choice I will never regret.