Looking for Love
Biography of Luissa

About me
Stage name: luissa
work: part-time actor (female impersonator)
Stature 172cm weight 55kg
Style like: polite, self-restraint, well-educated gentleman. I appreciate and adore erudite man very much.
Time can bring nothing but time and the past left in memory seems happened yesterday. I believe all is determined by destiny, including our encounter and understand. No matter how long we can stay together, I will follow the direction of God.
A brief Biography of me
Part. 1. Hard youth
"One smile can warm the cold face, one word of comfort can encourage the discouraged heart, while one help can share the heavy burden of life, and one share can trigger the potential.
Thanks for the God’s predilection, I am slender and have a genius of music. I have a dream and I like the wonderful life in big city. But I know that my parents can not afford my dream.
The company where my father work was dismissed and my family lost economic resource. Mother prepared one kilogram of eggs and father did the food I like before I got on the bus to city with 50 yuan RMB in my bag.
The wonderful and exciting life does be the dream for people living in country. But only the one who come and experience the struggle for life can understand what the city life means to them. I have no diploma, no help from relatives, and no work experience.
I asked the night club one by one do they need actor. But their answer were same, “do you have performing dress?” I were lost and confused. I had no money, no home, and no food. What I had was a pair of fans for dance. The summer night is not cold, but it was too long for a young sleeping on the street. Sun raised and the street became busy. I had a pulse and danced regardless.
Maybe the passerby were moved by my naivety and honesty, they left several yuan when they passed. I sang the native song of my homeland for them and a lot of people stopped to listen to my song. The money left before my face accumulated.
I could not help controlling my tears. I took the money and run into a public toilet. I closed the door and checked the amount. It was more than 100 yuan and I was shocked.
I had never seen so much money since the salary of my father is only 69 yuan. I decided to save the money in bank and repeat my performance by the street. Day after day, I had more than 1000 yuan.
Then I did my best to look for the cheapest cloth and did performing dress myself. (In one photo of my gallery, the red clothes I wear were made by myself using cloth worth of 20 yuan.)
Part. 2. Becoming singer of night club
I did a lot of colorful performing dress myself and took part in the interview of night club wearing them. With the cooperation of band, I passed with my unique style.
It is the one that who done the first try could be valuable. I dressed myself as a girl when I was performing and there was no such perform in the club before. I succeed. I could earn several hundreds money one day and I passed the hard times at last. I could rent apartment, buy expensive cosmetic and clothes.
Part. 3. Further study
I believe destiny is fair for everyone. Thanks for my hot stature and music genius given by God, more and more people began to accept me and I became popular among the circle. I don’t worry about life anymore. With the steady increase of savings, I thought it was time for my restarting the school life which was stopped by the poverty when I was young. I gave up the high income, left the familiar stage, return school again. Even today, I don’t regret for that decision.
Part. 4. Becoming more beautiful as a ladyboy
With the development of science and technology, especially the advance of surgery, I came to realize the importance of visual improvement. I began to consult from hospital and in the end I did breast implant operation in 2006.After operation I became more plump and sexy, shadowing the glamour of real female. I was very satisfied with the change and became more self-confident.
Part. 5. New march
Maybe the past was full of sorrow and tear, why not let it go with wind and cherish the splendid youth and glamorous beauty. We have no time to wait and waste. Do what you like and represent the most charming image of yourself.
No matter what and who you are, and where you are from, thanks very much for your attention and encourage for me since my site was built a year ago.
Part. 6. Become international
My objective is to make the world come to realize the native dance and song booted in China country through my endeavor, which is the most direct and elegant style without any modify from outer world, completely based on the tradition and primitive imagination. I believe the dance full of passion deep in heart is the most attractive and heart quaking.