Looking for Love
I find love. I am Standing 172. Weight 55 kg.  I naturally trivial Yingtaoxiaokou long hair and big eyes, has refined his art is visible. Pure personality, beauty Maore angel, enthusiastic personality, I have more women than women gentle. more love than the typical woman, but I must admit that my posture prides itself on the body, Men also have preserved a little bit of the characteristics. The characteristic features of women and men gathered at the same time, which in my body. This is a tragedy? I often tears after. I like girls who have tried, but ultimately found that I really need is a man! Sex is really important? God made a joke at the wrong daughter to the man who caused my heart that this is God's mistakes. Do I have to bear God's life fool? Do not let my mind and body with the change? Do I want to live a painful life? Do I have not thought about my life? If two people meet and fall in love, everything can be readily than two people who love together, we can! ! ! I do not seek great fortune and wealth, but not legally, I do not demand anything, I fear the world beneath contempt, I just want to find true love of two people who love each other, standing together on the list for eternity. The only requirement is that I love it! Do not Freak own love? I can find my love? There will be a brave man like me? I have just completed breast augmentation surgery, and we want to know here would like to know, please give me your support to find love! Thank you. I would like to express my sincere my real photo stickers. I love the people and I love the people, where are you ah? Qiuhaizheng you heard of the "I love the people and  the people who loved me"? "I love the people hope for, I know that I am willing to wait. I love not the love, gentleness moment it is not found " .